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Neon Hair Colors That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd


Are you looking for a new way to show your creative inner sparkle? If so, why not try out a neon hair color to help you stand out from the crowd and express yourself uniquely and excitingly? You can channel iconic fashion icons like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry with amazing neon highlights or go all-out punk-rock style with an entire head of flaming red. No matter what look you want, experimenting with capricious bright hues is the perfect way to add fun personality to your daily hairstyle routine. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all things neon – from pastel neons to bold shades – and tips on how to use these vibrant colors to create unforgettable looks!

Coloring outside the lines: how to pull off neon hair colors

When it comes to neon hair colors, you want to make sure you pull off the look flawlessly. It’s important to remember that getting the perfect neon hue can be challenging. You will need to consider a few different factors, such as your skin tone and how much of a commitment you are willing to make to maintain your new look.

If you have light skin, you should be able to rock all shades of neon easily. However, darker skin tones will tend to require more vibrant colors in order for them to stand out properly. When considering which shade of neon is right for your skin tone, opt for something that won’t blend too much into your natural color.

semi-permanent color

Once you have chosen the perfect shade, it is time to get started. You will first need to bleach your hair in order to get the neon color to come out properly. Be sure to avoid damaging your hair too much while bleaching, as this can cause irreparable damage when coloring. If you are looking for a more subtle look, you may opt for a semi-permanent color that won’t require pre-bleaching.

After achieving the right level of lightness, apply your color and leave it on for as long as your dye manufacturer instructs. Once done, use gentle shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair. This will help ensure your hue stays bold and vibrant for longer.

Finally, it is important to remember that neon hair colors require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Make regular touch-ups or use semi-permanent colors every few weeks to keep your hue vibrant and saturated. It is also strongly recommended that you avoid harsh salon treatments such as perms or relaxers, as these can cause the color to fade quickly.

With a bit of dedication, you can rock neon hair like a true pro! So have fun with it and experiment until you find the perfect shade.

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Fun and creative neon hair colors you’ll love

Neon hair coloring is the perfect way to express individuality and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a subtle pop of color, or something more dramatic, there are plenty of neon hair options to explore. From pastel pink to bright green, here are some fun and creative neon hair colors you’ll love!

  • Neon Yellow: Make a bold statement with this eye-catching shade! For best results, ask your stylist to apply a few highlights throughout your mane for an extra pop of brightness.
  • Lime Green: If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try lime green? This vibrant hue will turn heads and attract attention wherever you go. Make sure to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Hot Pink: Soften the intensity of an all-over hot pink with some lighter highlights. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement without going too overboard.
  • Turquoise: This bright turquoise hue will give you mermaid vibes! Ask your hairstylist for multiple tones throughout your hair for a stunning, multidimensional look.
  • Neon Orange: Show off your wild side with neon orange! Don’t be afraid to go big and pair this color with a colorful cut, such as an edgy undercut or pixie cut.

So, if you want to make a bold statement with your hair, then neon colors are the way to go. From hot pink to lime green, choose a shade that best suits your personality and have some fun! Your new ‘do sure to draw plenty of compliments. With a little maintenance, your neon locks will stay vibrant and full of life for months.


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